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episil® Oral mucositis pain

episil® is a new and effective local treatment of pain associated e.g. with oral mucositis. The product is administered as a lipid-based liquid that spreads on the intra-oral mucosal surfaces and transforms into a highly bioadhesive FluidCrystal® barrier film that protects the sensitised and sore mucosa of the oral cavity. episil® is conveniently administered with a convenient pump spray device that is ready for use.

Oral mucositis is a severe side-effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy during cancer treatment. It is caused by damage to the DNA in the basal epithelial cell lining of the mouth leading to decreased cell proliferation ability which may result in ulceration and opportunistic mouth infections. Oral mucositis is often a dose-limiting factor in the treatment of cancer. In more severe cases, oral mucositis can be extremely painful, preventing the patient from eating and necessitating hospitalization for re-hydration, opiate pain medication and total parenteral nutrition.

episil® is shown to give rapid and extended reduction of pain in head and neck cancer patients suffering from radiation induced oral mucositis, and is reported safe and well tolerated. Significant pain relief was maintained over at least 8 hours following single-dose administration.  episil® is granted 501(k) market clearance by the US FDA and CE mark in EU. The product is currently marketed in Europe and Israel through Camurus' commercial partners, see also

Key competitive advantages

  • Clinically documented pain reduction
  • Long-acting effect duration of at least eight hours
  • Superior bioadhesion and protection of sore intra-oral surfaces
  • Convenient multi-dose device
  • Excellent safety with no systemic effects

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