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FluidCrystal® Injection depot

Camurus' FluidCrystal® injectable depot delivers therapeutic levels of drug substance over extended periods -tuneable from days to months - from a single injection! While traditional depot therapeutics comprise complicated microsphere technology, Camurus' depot offers a liquid solution that transforms into a controlled release liquid crystal gel matrix in situ on contact with minute quantities of aqueous fluid at site of injection. The FluidCrystal®  delivery system overcomes traditional side effects associated with high initial drug release on injection (drug burst), poor drug stability and complex processing requirements by effectively encapsulating the drug compound in the nanopores of the depot matrix, throughout the entire process from injection until final degradation. This makes the system highly suitable for sustained parenteral delivery of peptides and proteins, but also potent small molecule drug compounds. The release duration can be tuned to meet dosing interval specifications ranging from once-daily to once-weekly or once-monthly. In special cases even longer duration of up to three months is feasible.

Products are ready-to-inject
Manufacturing of products based on Camurus' depot technology involves just a few standard pharmaceutical processing steps. Products are ready to inject, without the need for complicating reconstitution and mixing steps, thus making them ideal for prefilled syringes or other injection devices. The low viscosity of our injectable formulations permits the use of very thin needles. 23 to 27 gauge is standard, so there is less pain on injection. Moreover, the high solubilizing capacity with drug payloads of up to 30% allows for smaller injection volumes.

For more information please download the
FluidCrystal® Injection depot fact sheet.


Key competitive advantages

  • True ready-to-inject product design
  • Subcutaneous, intramuscular or intracavital administration
  • Small needle size; 23-27 gauge
  • Low burst and consistent release
  • Tunable duration from days to months
  • High drug payloads
  • Demonstrated safety in clinical trials
  • Simple manufacturing by standard processes
  • Strong intellectual property

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