CAM2032 prostate cancer

Camurus’ CAM2032 is a long-acting formulation of leuprolide which features both fast onset and prolonged release of leuprolide acetate. The product, which initially is developed for long term treatment of prostate cancer, is based on Camurus’ proprietary FluidCrystal® injection depot technology and have been designed for simple and convenient administration, also by patients themselves, by a prefilled syringe with a thin needle and a needle stick protection device.

CAM2032 is developed for self-administration, which has the potential to increase flexibility for patients concurrently with reducing the burden of scheduling injections. The development of an auto-injector version is expected to further simplify handling and administration of CAM2032. Thanks to the product’s user-friendly design, CAM2032 does not require reconstitution or being kept at a special temperature prior to administration in a small-volume (0.2 or 0.4 mL) liquid with a thin 27 gauge needle. After injection, the lipid formulation is transformed into a liquid crystal gel matrix which slowly releases therapeutic levels of leuprolide over at least a month.

Compared with other injectable GnRH agonist products on the market, CAM2032 has several potential advantages, including its simple administration, small injection volume, thin needle and the possibility of self-administration by patients.

CAM2032 key properties

  • Ready-to-use product design
  • Prefilled syringe adapted for self-administration
  • Thin needle and small injection volume
  • Compatible with autoinjectors
  • Manufacturing by standard processes