CAM2038 chronic pain

CAM2038 is a subcutaneous injection depot of buprenorphine for simple and safe administration by a prefilled syringe. Besides treatment of opiod dependence, CAM2038 once weekly (q1w) and once monthly (q4w) are developed for treatment of chronic pain. Initially, the products will be used to treat opioid experienced patients, but product variants for opioid naive patients are also being developed.

CAM2038 gives a fast onset of effect and a dose proportional extended exposure without the same risk for overdose and respiratory depression which is associated with full mu agonists such as morphine, fentanyl, etc. The product profile corresponds well with the target profile for chronic pain drug products and addresses a clear medical need to combine pain relief with a reduced risk of misuse and improved safety. The subcutaneous route of administration is expected to increase compliance and reduce the risks of incorrect use. Also when compared with transdermal opioid formulations, it’s indicating that CAM2038 may be particularly well suited for chronic pain patients with a history of misuse. While chronic pain and substance abuse disorders often occur concurrently, these patients are particularly difficult to treat using existing opioid products.

CAM2038 key properties

  • Reduced administration frequency
  • Reduced risk of misuse and diversion
  • Improved treatment compliance