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Press release

Solasia acquires exclusive license and distribution rights from Camurus for episil® oral liquid in Japan and China

30 March 2015
Lund, Sweden, and Tokyo, Japan, March 30, 2015 - Camurus AB (“Camurus”) and Solasia Pharma K.K. (“Solasia”) jointly announced today that they have entered into a license and distribution agreement for episil® oral liquid, a unique and effective treatment for the pain of oral mucositis, a treatment-limiting side effect of some cancer therapies, as well as other oral lesions. As part of the agreement Solasia receives exclusive commercialization rights to episil® in Japan and China, where it has ongoing operations and is building a specialty pharmaceutical infrastructure in the area of oncology and cancer supportive care. Solasia plans to first launch episil® in China followed by Japan.

“We are pleased to enter into this collaboration with Camurus, and for the opportunity to commercialize episil® in Japan and China” said Yoshihiro Arai, President and Representative Director of Solasia. “Solasia specializes in innovative oncology treatments, and episil® will take its place as one of the core products in our oncology pipeline”, he continued, noting that episil® fills an important unmet need in daily pain management associated with cancer care, and will contribute to improved quality of life for cancer patients in Japan and China.

“The new partnership with Solasia expands Camurus’ distributor network for episil® oral liquid in two of the key markets in Asia”, said Fredrik Tiberg, President and CEO of Camurus. “This collaboration will provide patients suffering from oral mucositis and other painful oral conditions with a unique, safe and effective treatment solution. With Solasia, we have obtained a dedicated partner for episil®, with a clear commitment to providing cancer patients in Japan and China with new and innovative treatment alternatives”, he added.
Solasia will pay a signing fee as well as development milestones and Camurus will supply Solasia's requirements of commercial product for Japan and PRC.

About Oral Mucositis
Oral Mucositis (OM) is a severe side effect of cancer therapies (chemo and radiotherapy) and is characterized by painful ulceration of the oral mucosa. OM affects nearly all head and neck cancer patients receiving radiotherapy (RT); 30%-75% of patients undergoing chemotherapy; and most patients undergoing conditioning regimens for hematopoietic stem cell transplant.
OM is caused by damage to the DNA in the basal epithelial cell lining of the mouth leading to decreased cell proliferation ability. OM can prevent patients from eating, swallowing and speaking, and can limit the dosing and frequency of treatment for cancer. OM often necessitates hospitalization for re-hydration, opiate pain medication and total parenteral nutrition.

About episil® oral liquid
episil® oral liquid represents a unique and innovative concept for local treatment of pain associated with OM. Developed using the award-winning* Camurus proprietary technology FluidCrystal®, episil® is administered as a lipid-based liquid that spreads on the intra-oral mucosal surfaces and transforms to a strongly bioadhesive film that mechanically protects the sensitized and sore epithelium of the oral cavity. Clinically demonstrated, episil® has been shown to rapidly (within minutes) and effectively reduce oral pain for up to 8 hours. episil® oral liquid is the only product for OM that is supplied as a ready-to-use, pocket-sized device helping patients maintain their quality of life while undergoing cancer therapy. episil® was first launched in Europe and is today commercially available in a number of countries, including the U.S. and Canada, where it was launched by key global pharmaceutical players. episil® oral liquid is a CE-marked medical device class 1 in Europe and a 510k registered medical device in the U.S.

About Solasia
Solasia was formed in November 2006 by MPM Capital and ITOCHU Corporation to address unmet needs for important new Western oncology therapies and supportive care products throughout Asia. The company’s mission is to expedite patient access to unique oncology therapies through aggressive development and specialized commercialization throughout Japan, China and other Asian countries.

About Camurus
Camurus is a research-focused pharmaceutical company with a firm commitment to the development and commercialization of innovative specialty medicines that provide patients suffering from serious disease with better treatment outcomes and quality of life. The company’s current pipeline includes products for treatment of pain, opioid addiction and cancer. Camurus is a part of GS Development Group. For more information about Camurus, visit

For more information contact
Fredrik Tiberg, President & CEO
Tel: +46 (0)46 286 46 92

Koji Shinozaki, VP, Business Development
Tel: +81 (0)3 6721 8330

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