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Improving lives and efficient resource use with sustainable healthcare

With patients in focus, Camurus strives to reduce the impact of severe and chronic diseases, such as opioid dependence and rare diseases.

The goal is to be able to offer medicines with improved treatment outcomes, that provide an increased quality of life and a more efficient use of resources – thereby also contributing to a sustainable healthcare.

Material aspects

Access to medicine

We aim to increase access to our products for as many people as possible. Camurus supports and collaborates with healthcare and patient organizations to reduce stigma and improve disease awareness – an important part of the work.

Read more about Camurus' work to increase access

Patient health and safety (incl. responsbible product labeling)

Patient safety is of highest priority, and Camurus follows and monitors marketed products for any product complaint and possible side effects. These are reported to health authorities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Ethics in R&D (incl. clinical studies and animal welfare)

Development of new medicines, both pre-clinical, e.g. animal testing, and clinical studies are conducted in accordance with applicable legislations, governing documents and quality system to steer for instance accurate and objective reporting, transparency, high ethics and patient integrity.


Camurus utilizes its long-acting Fluidcrystal® technology and extensive R&D expertise to develop innovative pharmaceutical medicines aimed at improving the lives of patients with severe and chronic diseases. Learn more at science

Our goals by 2026

  •  Reach 100,000 patients in treatment with Buvidal®1)
  •  Conduct annual projects focused on reducing stigma for patients
  • Take at least one new drug to regulatory approval

Our achievements

  • 48,000

    estimated in treatment with Buvidal® at the end of 2023*

  • 20+

    where Buvidal is available*

  • 3

    conducted in 2023 focused on reducing stigma*

*as at end December 2023, source: Annual Report 2023

In-depth data

For more in-depth data on focus area patient see Camurus' Annual Report 2023


  1. Buvidal (Europe, Australia, MENA).