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Smart and versatile drug delivery with long-acting injectables

Camurus’ FluidCrystal technology is based on special combinations of endogenous polar lipids. When combined with active substances with clinically documented efficacy and safety profiles, it enables the development of new proprietary medicines both in a shorter time, and to a lower cost and risk compared to the development of new chemical substances.

Long-acting release
with user-friendly  administration

Camurus’ FluidCrystal technology is designed for long-acting drug release to provide treatment efficacy over extended periods – from days to months – with a single injection. It has the potential to reduce the burden of daily medication while increasing adherence to therapy.

The system’s simplicity, including a spontaneous self-association to a functional structure in the body, eliminates complicated manufacturing procedures and the need for mixing prior to administration. Medicines based on the FluidCrystal technology have the potential to be administered by the patients themselves or by healthcare professionals, without time-consuming and complicated reconstitution procedures. The long-acting release aims to reduce the patient’s burden of administering medication daily, improve the adherence to and results of the treatment, and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Mode of action

The FluidCrystal technology comprises a lipid-based liquid with a dissolved active ingredient that can easily be injected subcutaneously using a conventional syringe with a thin needle. Upon contact with fluids in the tissue, the lipid solution transforms into a liquid crystalline gel, which effectively encapsulates the active ingredient. The medicinal compound is slowly released as the liquid crystalline matrix gradually degrades in the tissue and the release can be controlled from several days to weeks or months depending on the composition. FluidCrystal is suitable for biological peptides as well as small molecules.

Applications of FluidCrystal in medical treatment

Camurus’ FluidCrystal technology has been validated trough more than 25 clinical trials and several market approvals, including the Camurus' product Buvidal® (buprenorphine) prolonged-release solution for the treatment of opioid dependence. FluidCrystal is commercially well-tested and at the end of 2022, more than one million doses of FluidCrystal-based products and product candidates had been administered to patients around the world.

Key attributes
  • Easy and convenient administration
  • High treatment adherence
  • Adapted to prefilled syringes and autoinjectors
  • Long-acting release of active pharmaceutical ingredient
  • Small injection volume with a thin needle
  • Manufacturing by standard processes
  • Suitable for peptides as well as small molecules

FluidCrystal technology video

Minimizing pharmaceuticals in the nature

Camurus’ currently long-acting marketed product has a higher bioavailability (the amount of active substance that the body can assimiliate) than other products administered orally and the amount of active substance in Camurus’ product is five to six times lower than in its product predecessor.1 This means less active substance is needed for the same effect. Long-acting medicine with a smaller amount of active substance results in a reduced environmental impact throughout the entire value chain, leading to lower emissions of active substances into nature.

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