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Governing documents and guidelines

As support and guidance in the daily work and when in contact with patients and patient advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders, there are a number of governing documents that affect all employees at Camurus. Some of the most central sustainability governing documents are listed below. 

Commitment and values

Sustainability is well anchored in Camurus’ commitment and core values. We take ‘ownership’ of our actions, acting responsibly and compliant. With a key focus on ‘quality’ we strive for excellence and sustainability in everything we do - using resources efficiently for a clear purpose.

See our commitment and values

Code of Conduct

Camurus’ code of cnduct guides how the company conducts its business in a trusted and respected way throughout the value chain, towards patients, HCPs, society, customers, and partners.

See Code of conduct

Raising a concern

Corporate Governance Report

Camurus’ corporate governance report provides information on the supervision of the company’s financial reporting and its remuneration policies governed by independent committees.

See Corporate governance report