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Transparency reporting

Below is information containing Camurus' disclosures of transfers of values, which is made available in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and/or industry code. In addition, more detailed information regarding Camurus' grants and donations to healthcare and patient organizations is disclosed (see heading ” Grants and donations to healthcare and patient organizations”).


Grants and donations to healthcare and patient organizations

See below for information on grants and donations provided by Camurus AB since January 2022, including requests for such support which have been received by the company’s subsidiaries. 

The disclosure includes grants and donations given to healthcare organizations (eg. healthcare, medical or scientific association or society, hospital, clinic, foundation, university or other teaching institution), or similar (e.g. research institutions in the field of medicine), and patient organizations and similar.

During 2023, the list below will be updated regularly, as new projects have been granted support by Camurus and are agreed with the recipient organization.   

Previous years: 

Grants disclosures 2022 (pdf)

Grants disclosures 2023
 Approval dateOrganization (recipient) Country/ region (recipient) 

Patient organization

Grant project description Purpose/categoryAmount 
4 December 2023Harm Reduction Australia (HRA)AustraliaNo

“Treatment Equity Project”

Communications/Advocacy Support

Educational /Event

30,000 AUD
26 October 2023DrugFAM UKYes

“Providing support to people bereaved by a loved one’s harmful use of alcohol, drugs or gambling” 

Patient support

8,500 GBP 
13 September 2023The Pituitary SocietyUSNo

“Acromegaly and Cushing's Syndrome: Striving for Excellence”

Educational /Event

15,000 USD
13 September 2023The Pituitary SocietyUSNo

“Preceptorship Course for Fellows-in-Training”

Educational /Event

20,000 USD
31 August 2023Lived ExpertUKYes

“Giving a voice to people in prison”

Research/Advocacy Support  

56,040 GBP
10 August 2023We are LUV (Liberate User Voices)UKYes

“Developing the UK’s first national network of People who use Drugs at We are LUV”

Patient support

22,500 GBP
10 August 2023HMP & YOI (His Majesty´s Prison and Young Offender Institution) StyalUKNo

“Promoting Recovery and Treatment in a Custodial Environment during September 2023 – Recovery Month”

Educational /Event
Patient support 

5,500 GBP
7 July 2023ViaUKNo

“What are the socioeconomic determinants for commencing LAI Buprenorphine and do outcomes differ compared to oral OAT?”

Research44,970.27 GBP
29 June 2023Red Rose Recovery LancashireUKYes

“Drink and Drug News annual conference”

Educational /Event9,234 GBP
29 June 2023Alcohol and Drug ServiceUKNo

“Developing a quality Drug and Alcohol commissioning system - Training, Support and Guidance”

Educational/ Event

38,000 GBP
26 May 2023NHS Dumfries and Galloway Specialist Drug and Alcohol ServiceUKNo

“SMART Recovery training” 

Educational/ Event 

Patient support 
650 GBP
12 May 2023SMART Recovery AustraliaAustraliaYes“Unite for recovery“Disease awareness campaign10,000 AUD
02 May 2023ENETS / European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society e.V.GermanyNo“ENETS E-Learning Programme 2023”

Educational/ Event/ Disease awareness campaign

4,200 EUR
20 Apr 2023Innovative General Practice collaborative (iGPc) Primary Care NetworkUKNo“Opioid Analgesic Dependency Pathway Development”Patient support4,075 GBP
04 Apr 2023Drink and Drug News MagazineUKNo“DNN articles on commissioning”Communications/ Advocacy support21,000 GBP
31 Mar 2023The Pituitary SocietyUSNo“18th International Pituitary Congress”Educational/ Event20,000 USD
24 Mar 2023NorCal CarciNET CommunityUSYes“NET Awareness Raising US”

Educational/ Event/ Disease awareness campaign

5,000 USD
24 Mar 2023INCA / International Neuroendocrine Cancer AllianceUSYes“INCA Strategic Pillar Activities and Global NET Patient Advocate Summit 2023”

Educational/ Event/ 
Disease awareness campaign/ 
Communications/ Advocacy support

15,000 USD
03 Mar 2023SMART Recovery International Ireland Yes “Global Walk 4 Recovery”Disease awareness campaign  5,000 EUR 
23 Feb 2023UK SMART RecoveryUK Yes “Walk4Recovery Campaign 2023” Disease awareness campaign  18,000 GBP 
23 Feb 2023ARRISCA/ Associação Regional de Reabilitação e Integração Sociocultural dos Açoresltural dos Açores  Portugal No “Observational/Treatment UNIT - Health Plus”

Patient support

10,000 EUR 
22 Feb 2023Netzwerk Neuroendokrine Tumoren (NeT) e.V. Germany Yes “20. Überregionaler Tumortag” Educational/ Event 4,000 EUR 
21 Feb 2023PCM ScientificUK No “IOTOD 2023 webinar and conference activities” Educational/ Event 12,190 EUR
21 Feb 2023GertoxFrance No “Web Platform Good Practice Sharing” Educational/ Event 10,000 EUR
20 Feb 2023FAKS / Foreningen af Kroniske SmerteramteDenmark Yes “Educational weekend on opioid dependency” Educational/ Event 50,000 DKK 
17 Feb 2023President and Fellows of Harvard College acting through Harvard Medical SchoolUS No “Pituitary Day at Clinical Endocrinology 2023” Educational/ Event 5,000 USD 
14 Feb 2023Simon Community ScotlandUK Yes “Women’s Pathways into Treatment” Educational/ Event 16,622 GBP