Grants and grant requests

In Camurus, grants are awarded with the purpose of supporting healthcare or research. Subject to applicable laws, regulations and industry code, grants may include, but are not limited to, support to research, patient education, patient organisations, charity, and independent scientific meetings and healthcare professional education. Grants may under no circumstances be given with the intent of, directly or indirectly, implicitly or explicitly, influencing or encouraging the recipient to purchase, prescribe, sell, recommend, administer or arrange for the prescribing, administration, purchasing, sale or formulary placement of any Camurus product whether licensed or un-licensed or to reward any past such behavior. Grants are not awarded to individuals. The independence of a grant recipient must never be, or be perceived, as compromised, due to past or current grant awards.

All grant support is provided with the understanding that it is public and transparent and will be disclosed and publicly declared. All support by Camurus should be clearly acknowledged by the recipient. By accepting any grant, Camurus and the recipient must warrant that they shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, industry code and guidelines (including but not limited to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations [EFPIA] code of practice).

Grant requests are reviewed by a Camurus committee and the submitter of the request will be informed of the decision (approval or rejection) as soon as possible. Approved grants require written acceptance by the recipient confirming the acceptance of the conditions of the support they will receive including disclosure commitments. Payment of the grant require receipt of an invoice. Submission of grant information to national regulatory authorities must occur when required according to local regulations.

Information about how Camurus processes personal data can be found at privacy notice

Welcome to contact Camurus at should you have any questions whilst compiling your request or during the review process.

Note! For grant request in the UK, please contact to initiate the process.

Transparency reporting

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